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How We Can Help

I am looking for a data partner

Looking for a partner who really gets you? So are we. Our Data Partner Service suits organizations that are looking for a collaborator for their long-term data goals.

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I am looking for occasional support with our data projects

We can backfill all kinds of skills through our General Services. Sort of like your general contractor but for data and without the mess.

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I am looking for a research partner

Whether you are looking for support in the study design stage or with turning results into insights, we have experience working alongside researchers and scientists.

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I work with data and would like to connect with others

You're our kind of people! We'd like to invite you to join our network and to learn what kind of connections would be most meaningful to your work.

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New Tool

We're pleased to launch a new free tool, CensusAggregator, which makes census data more accessible to the social sector and the broader public. Using an interactive, map-based interface, visitors can combine standard census geographic areas to build a custom region. CensusAggregator returns aggregate statistics and charts for the selected region.

Community service providers will find this tool useful for summarizing the population and household characteristics for their service areas without having to retrieve, filter, aggregate, and visualize the raw data themselves.