Our Approach

We scale to meet your needs

We understand that some data needs may not require a lot of work but that doesn't make them less valuable. This is why we don't require minimum project sizes. We offer quick turnaround services on an hourly basis in addition to traditional project-based services.

Context is important to us

We have deep roots in the non-profit sector, but that doesn't mean that we presume to know your business. We start longer-term engagements with a discovery phase to better understand how and why data is collected and what it means in the real world.

Flexibility is our middle name

It is quite common for the project scope to shift, especially in the early days, as new information comes to light. We embrace this and ask our customers to be open to it, too. For example, process improvement and automation opportunities may become clearer after a project is underway and they often offer substantial value downstream.

We believe in sharing for the greater good

As a non-profit providing services to other non-profits, we can keep fees low if we are able to re-use solutions that we have developed for others. We will always maintain confidentiality surrounding your data and operations, but we ask customers to relinquish their intellectual rights to our products and code.

We are software agnostic

While we will never admit that we don't love our customers' software equally, you shouldn't have to worry about our preferences getting in the way of completing the work. We believe in using tools that are appropriate for the job, but we also believe in working with what you've got.

In addition to mainstream CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot, we have experience with a number of sector-specific software platforms including Alayacare, Catalyst, CRMS, EMHware, EOIS-CaMS, OCMS, Pirouette, TELUS CHR, and TREAT. Some of the tools we use regularly are listed below: