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Have a quick question that requires a simple answer? Our free data helpdesk fulfills requests that can be completed in less than an hour at no charge.

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Map Service

Displaying information on a map can be a powerful way to interpret data and tell your story. Our Map Service provides quick turnaround maps for a flat fee of $200 + HST.

Tell us a bit about want you want to map and select your map type and preset style from our templates. Optional: add a census dimension to provide neighbourhood context. We will then take your data and translate into a visually attractive and compelling map. Maps are delivered within two business days.

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General Services

Our General Services fill a range of needs across the typical data analytics pipeline including support with strategy, extracting and transforming data, analysis, and visualization. Many projects also present opportunities for automation throughout these stages. We'll discuss your needs with you and suggest an approach and budget. Rates are $120 per hour + HST.

Data Partner Service

Geared towards organizations that are looking for an ongoing relationship to meet their data needs, we provide back office support with drafting and activating data strategies, generating reports, developing dashboards, and initiating and implementing other data projects throughout your organization. Additional services can include setting up your own data helpdesk, staff training, and project management.


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